Founded in London in 2017, Frestonian Gallery is focused on the promotion of both modern and contemporary art through exhibiting and representing artists of diverse backgrounds and generations. 
We strongly believe in the power of partnership and in building long term and energising relationships with artists, collectors, advisors, institutions, curators and academics, both nationally and internationally. 
The gallery is situated in The People’s Hall to the west of Holland Park. This historic re-brick building was at one point the focal point of the ‘Republic of Frestonia’, an unlikely and extraordinary protest movement, that in 1977 declared its independence from the United Kingdom, and even applied for full membership of the United Nations. The ‘Republic of Frestonia’ continued to operate as a collective well into the 1980s, becoming a creative hub for writers, artists and musicians as well as cultural activists. Today, Frestonian Gallery seeks to channel the independence of thought and expression of its rebel forebears!