Founded by Rollo Campbell & Matt Incledon and located in Holland Park, London W11, Frestonian Gallery is an exciting new addition to the London and international art scene. The gallery’s focus is the promotion of both modern and contemporary art and defines its programme with the continuity of artistic endeavour in mind – developing an independent and unbiased approach without undue adherence to the whims and divisions of the art market and prevailing fashions.


Frestonian Gallery presents an exciting and diverse exhibition programme, as well as working in partnership with institutions, independent curators, and academics in realising both on and off-site creative projects.


In addition, Frestonian Gallery also provides advisory and consultancy services to both private and corporate clients. 


The Free and Independent Republic of Frestonia


Frestonian Gallery is located within the classic Victorian redbrick People’s Hall. This historic building is perhaps best known for being the focal point of the ‘Republic of Frestonia’, an unlikely and extraordinary protest movement, that in 1977 declared its independence from the United Kingdom, and even applied for full membership of the United Nations. The ‘Republic of Frestonia’ continued to operate as a collective well into the 1980s, becoming a creative hub for writers, artists and musicians as well as cultural activists. The Frestonian Gallery seeks to channel the independence of thought and expression of its rebel forebears at the People’s Hall!