AUTOMATICALS: Barry Reigate & Marianne Thoermer

10 July - 7 September 2019

Frestonian Gallery is delighted to present ‘Automaticals’ – a series of new paintings by Barry Reigate, alongside new textile, print and large-scale installation works by Marianne Thoermer.


In the practice of both artists the tension is evident between the instinctive & intuitive, and the determined and skilful application of finely-honed technique. Reigate’s beautifully crafted air-brush paintings owe their composition to largely ‘unthinking doodles’ which are then delicately worked into finished paintings. Similarly, Thoermer’s extraordinary works are a confluence of the automatic (her sinewy, loose defining of each work’s shape and form), and the deliberate (her incredibly labour-intensive textile application and chemistry-kit experimentation with wax, foam and other materials).