Gardens of Ideas: David Price | Bob & Roberta Smith | Jessica Voorsanger

6 November - 7 December 2019

Frestonian Gallery is delighted to present ‘Gardens of Ideas’ – new works by three artists each addressing the importance of art in our (and every) culture. Art as a part of the human condition is that vital thread of human endeavour that ploughs ahead full steam regardless of the restraints and material realities that may hold us back or slow us down in other regards. Naum Gabo (another artist adopting a ‘nom de pinceau’) wrote in 1966: ‘The way of a creative mind is always positive, it always asserts; it does not know the doubts which are so characteristic of the scientific mind’. So, in these bright and bold new paintings, collages and constructions, Price, Smith & Voorsanger press forward amid, and through, the swirling confusion and division of the current politics to create works which are unflinchingly optimistic, beautiful, sometimes absurd, in one word – joyous.