Looking & Painting

Tim Braden

Publisher: Art Books.

ISBN: 978-1-908970-42-8

Pages: 160

Constantly shifting between representation and abstraction, while referencing art, architecture

and design and embracing the decorative, British artist Tim Braden’s work is a celebration of the

act of making things. His expressive and lushly seductive painting explores the in-between spaces

between categories and states, dissolving and reassembling the world in high-key colour and vivid

brushstrokes to re-present reality as something new and newly felt. His painterly works, both

abstract and figurative, often depict or imagine interior spaces such as homes and studios, or

gardens and landscapes, as well as individuals working, making, or looking. Found objects and

images play an important role in the practice. His paintings often evolve from historical

photographs, book and magazine covers or anecdotes involving celebrated twentieth-century

artists and designers such as Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee, Sonia Delaunay and painter-turned-

Modernist architect Roberto Burle Marx.


Assembling a body of work produced over the last decade, Tim Braden: Looking and Painting is

the first monograph on the artist in ten years. It draws together the many themes and styles of his

work, and includes many paintings that have never been shown in public previously. The book

includes a response to Braden’s work by Jennifer Higgie, editor of Frieze magazine, and

contributions by Christopher Bedford, director of the Baltimore Museum of Art and Dominic

Molon, curator at the Rhode Island School of Design Museum.

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