Adrian Berg

by Marco Livingstone
Marco Livingstone, 2021

Publisher: Lund Humphries.

ISBN: ISBN 978-1-84822-394-3

Dimensions: 290 x249 mm Hardback

Pages: 248 pages

This is the first major monograph on the work of Adrian Berg (1929-2011). The book accompanies a retrospective exhibition of Berg’s work at Frestonian Gallery, London (6 May - 26 June 2021).


Exploring the full breadth of work by British artist Adrian Berg RA (1929-2011), and drawing heavily on the artist’s personal archive, this book discusses Berg’s meticulous engagement with the landscape which resulted in an impressive oeuvre created over a long career.


Embracing the figurative when abstraction was in the ascendancy, Berg’s artistic mission was to push the boundaries of representative painting to discover new interpretations of familiar scenes. Accordingly, his paintings revisited particular places repeatedly — most notably the view of Regent’s Park from his studio window at Gloucester Gate.


Highly colourful and engagingly written, this book provides a long overdue appraisal and celebration of an artist who is key to the conversation around the development of British landscape painting, that most celebrated of British traditions.


Author Marco Livingstone is an art historian and independent curator who has written extensively on Pop Art and more widely on contemporary painting, sculpture and photography. He is the author of the acclaimed Pop Art: A Continuing History and of major monographs including Patrick Caulfield, Peter Blake: One Man Show and Peter Kinley, all published by Lund Humphries. His book Hockney’s Portraits and People was awarded the 2004 Sir Bannister Fletcher Award for best book on the arts.

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